Friday, May 22, 2009

What transpired

Went to Binkley's on 54th and Keystone. I wanted to go anywhere that was lively. Meh. Wasn't lively enough. The food was just fine but the drinks were sold at ballpark prices. A 23 oz Blue Moon ran $7.25. Frakken Bill Gates couldn't get a buzz on at that rate.

I insisted on continuing the night at Chatham Tap on Mass. Avenue. More like it. My lady escorts had dessert chased by coffee spiked with Bailey's. I downed 3 glasses of Gaffel K├Âlsch. This is what I had in mind. Could have skipped the first destination altogether.

Back home. Beer 5 or 6 is that point in the evening where you have to decide to either call it a night or go on a serious bender. Beer 7 is the point of no return. I put it up for a vote. Lost 2 to 1 despite filibuster.

Here I sit, telling my tale

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