Friday, May 29, 2009

Fading Fast

I accepted the NaBloPoMo challenge this month in hopes of jump starting my blog activity. The challenge is to update the blog every day for a month. I should have done this in February, rather than in May. I face three more days instead of being finished.

I was reminded today that I had more readers than I realized. I was restricting comments too tightly and as a result, I was getting minimal feedback. This may be the encouragement I need to push through until the end. I've now opened up comments to Ellis Island level. Any and all are welcome. The good news for the few who are kind enough to read this running diatribe is that I will go back to maybe 8 or 9 quality posts per month and there will be less filler.

My "A" material is being broadcast on Twitter, which has made it difficult to muster 31 good ideas for this month. I was going to write about people who let their kids run wild in public. I'm saving it for a feature length entry later this summer. Too good of a subject to waste on a Friday night quickie.

I had hoped to write about my doggies and get some new pictures up. Bosco and Smooch were too busy fussing over the neighbor's chihuahuas and wouldn't hold still. All I have are a few blurry butt shots of them.

Folks, this beer is going down REAL easy tonight and I have some quality TV to watch. Better that you read my Twitter timeline, which will serve as my entry for today.

@GuiltyBystander 52 year old cigar? They must have not sold very well. from web in reply to GuiltyBystander

@jsttmfb Little fuckers. I'll keep that in mind. Don't want to offend one of them and get bit on a buttock. from web in reply to jsttmfb

Undomesticated dogs of mine won't cooperate for back yard photo shoot. from web

@cln0103 Thanks for the follow back. Followed from @LazyBuddhist #ff list. I have empathy for folks with urges to punch people. from web in reply to cln0103

@superbadgirl A replacement DVD of Dexter? Mace? Pumps with 5-inch heels for tottering around the mall? Full sized 'rita glasses? from web in reply to superbadgirl

@returntorural Props to your sis. Meaty degree too. Refreshing to see. from web

@PrincessAndy Do not go into a weekend with unfinished business. Get all your punching out of the way before this evening. from web in reply to PrincessAndy

@112mirabela Thanks. Open ID is an option. No wonder comments are far and few between. from web in reply to 112mirabela

@112mirabela That google only comment rules is their doing. It's not a restriction I chose. Maybe I should rant about it? from web in reply to 112mirabela

@112mirabela Back atcha. The sun have must be shining over the whole planet today. from web in reply to 112mirabela

Stayed up until 8:30 a.m. watching 'The Wire' Have to get out and enjoy the rest of this bright sunny day. from web

@superbadgirl No more unkind than me wishing guys wearing $100 ties wiould get them caught in a car door. from web in reply to superbadgirl

@LazyBuddhist Appreciate the #followfriday. Thank You. from web in reply to LazyBuddhist

Dropped a beer bottle on garage floor. It did not break. Worried that this is the opening scene of a Twilight Zone episode. from web

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Call Me Cate said...

I have a blogging buddy who refuses to Twitter for exactly that reason - she knows she'll give away her A material.

Enjoy your weekend!