Sunday, May 10, 2009

Original (Part III)

I often come across a late night infomercial on my program guide called, "Is Colon Detox Hype?"

So what does this have to do with today's evaluation of the new "Star Trek" movie that I saw last night? Simple. The series of series based on the original Enterprise and its crew had degraded into a convoluted glob of space-themed stories. The Stark Trek movie provided the need colon flush. Forget about all previous prequels, sequels, retellings, future generations, past generations, nineteen different Starship Enterprises blown up, multiple variations of Klingons, and thinly stretched variations on the theme. The slate (colon) is clean. We've started over and it feels so good.

In lieu of an extended string of Twitter updates, I offer these comments:

This was the first movie that my wife and I - 1. Saw together. 2. In a theatre. 3. At full price. 4. Both enjoyed. That's saying something. We are two fiercely independent people and have different ideas of what is entertaining. We do agree on what isn't entertaining and skip most films altogether. Her last movie was "Benjamin Button", mine was "Che". She goes to movies with her friends. I go alone.

I was disappointed in the visual quality of the film. Perhaps I got the hind tit of theatres and was shown a lower quality print. It was grainy and lacked in contrast. Actually it was no better than DVD resolution. The sound was satisfactory. While not a true Trekkie, I am Mr. Picky McPickPick when it comes to all things AV. I think a second viewing at the IMax i is in order.

Best line of the movie? "Olson is...gone!"

The casting was spot on. Hopefully they inked these folks to long term contracts. They're all young and can keep this cash cow grazing for years to come. Uhura is hot. Kirk out Shatners Shatner and John "White Castle Harold" Cho is a delight as Sulu.

Pike is not nearly as jacked up as he was in the 60s version. A head on a vending machine was more amusing, I'll miss that.

Space is more realistic in this one. More science in the fiction, if you will.

Kirk makes out with a green alien. Kinky, but titillating.

The film has a sweet nature to it. I tire of the post apocalyptic, dark, Blade Runner ripoffs that abound. Lots of fighting and shit blowing up in Star Trek without the nihilism.

Did I mention that Uhura was hot?

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