Monday, May 25, 2009

More odds and ends

1. I'm thinking of shutting down my Facebook account. I have my hands full in the way of social media with two-business related discussion groups, blogs , and the preferred Twitter. I appreciate the few folks who took the time to find my bare-bones front page on Facebook. I contribute nothing, which makes me appear to be rude. I doubt if I'll be missed.

2. Kahn's Fine Wines is the best place in the universe. Hyperbole? I think not. The selection wine, beer, and spirits is vast. The staff is knowledgeable and I also seem to get in a discussion with fellow customers about which beer or Scotch to try next.

3. Speaking of beer. Sarah, Brenden and I played a short game. The idea was to come up with exotic beer names that might be brewed by notorious people. Sarah won hands down with Ted Kaczynski's "Montana Manifesto Pale Ale"

4. Where I'd like to be right now? Sitting on a craggy bluff in Northern California with dear wife, eating smoked salmon, drinking Laphraoig, and silently looking out over the Pacific Ocean.

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