Saturday, May 2, 2009


I still laugh at that old cartoon gag where a fellow is served tea and the waiter asks "One lump or two?". The patron asks for two lumps of sugar and is bopped twice on the head with a hammer, raising two large lumps.

The diner deserves the punishment. Who in their right mind would sweeten their tea? The ethereal flavor of tea is negated by loading it up with sugar. I tastes like sugared well water. It is beyond nasty.

I didn't drink tea regularly until was well into adulthood Half of my family has southern roots and by custom, iced tea comes pre sugared when served by these folks. I'd gag on the crap and quickly learned to ask for water as my drink. It wasn't until much later when I was at a bar and grill watching a ball game and low on cash. I ordered iced tea. Refills were free. I thought I'd give tea another go at that price. I hesitantly took a sip and... another sip... a taste... a gulp... a slug... Where have you been all my life, you wonderful beverage?

I later confronted my parents about not introducing my to tea as it should be. Mom said, "We don't put sugar in tea anymore. Want some?"

I almost showered the kitchen after my first gulp. Gak! The tea was presweetened with Equal. Debate on the issue was pointless. If you knew my Mom, debate on anything was pointless with her.

I enjoy tea, hot or with ice. Green tea is my particular favorite. I have no fear of being bonked with a giant rubber hammer when asked how many lumps I want.

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TMC said...

Sugar's ok, but I prefer stevia. Unsweetened is good too but only when it's prepared by someone who knows tea. Most folks let it steep too long, & it gets bitter.