Friday, May 22, 2009

Unknown Location

We are going somewhere tonight. We are going to eat and have a few drinks. Where? No idea. We will be picking up a friend in Broad Ripple and then go to this place. We are picking her up some time after 6:30. On one hand this is an adventure. One the other hand, it's a recipe for disaster ending up at Burger King and a liquor store. Tonight's destination is not being kept a secret , but rather it's a case three people crippled by indecision. Follow up post coming later tonight.

Idea for a new restaurant chain: Dick Cheney's Unknown Location.

1 comment:

Call Me Cate said...

Yeah, except, if Dick Cheney is there (or people think he might be), a lot of them will stay away. Is that the kind of crowd you want to attract?

Have fun.