Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wait Time

I turned off the car radio today during a trip to a nearby medical lab. The traffic was slowed due to road construction. The wait at the packed lab was unusually long. Forgot my foil hat. Here's what the forces of evil may have picked up with their mind-scanning satellite:

Dead cricket on garage floor. It's been there since last summer. Jiminy lies in repose right under my transmission case. When I come back home, I'm not inspired to get out of the car, remove the insect, get back in the car, and park it for the night.

Missed a big swath of grass while mowing today. Meh.

Don't kids play outside anymore? Looks like the Pied Piper has paid a visit. School is out. yet no kids to be seen.

Per client, there are more handicapped parking spaces at Wal Mart than at this medical center.

The elevator in the medical center serves two floors. The control panel displays buttons indicating each of the two floors, that being "1" and "2". Everybody seems compelled to push their floor number. [Think about it]

No music is played in the lab waiting room. Reading material is sparse. The chairs are arranged around the perimeter so people are forced to look at each other. It's like a big group therapy session, except no one is talking. I'm wondering why the other folks are here.

One poor lady is missing a leg.

Being stuck in the arm does not bother me. Most everything else does. I watch in interest as my cardio vascualr system is relieved of the sample. That was quick. Waited 20 minutes for a 45-second procedure.

Hey, a band aid! C'mon I like the purple binding they usually use to hold down the cotton ball.

Pressed the "1" in the elevator.

Left the sun roof wide open. To my credit, I did lock the doors.

Sonsofbitches raised gas prices again today. I want to move to vibrant neighborhood in a big city where owning a car is unnecessary. San Francisco.

Fewer people are washing their cars . This includes me. I don't see the point of shining up my Honda every time a few raindrops fall on it. This is a good thing.

The traffic is backed up along the road cutting through two cemeteries. The grave markers on the left are from the 19th century. These people didn't live long. One fellow lasted 65 years. All the others died in their 50s.

Cell phone conversation while smoking while driving. Feel like flipping her off.

Examining the change in my cup holder. What did they do with all those annoying little 1 centime coins in France after the Euro came to be?

The weather is delightful, yet construction equipment sits idle as I drive over a clangy metal plate temporarily covering an excavation in the middle of the road.

Maybe I should clean up that spot I missed with the mower. Nah.

Parked right over the cricket again.

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Call Me Cate said...

I think your cricket's cousin is in my garage, also under the car. It's like he greets me when I come home at night.

Please be careful about going out without your foil hat. When they come for us, I don't want to find myself blaming you for your negligence.