Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Indianapolis Star headline today: On Skid Roe?

The story was about caviar demand depleting population of paddlefish. This is THE headline on THE front page of a city newspaper.

Underneath that: Gambling lobby rolls dice on special session.

The Star is rife with this cutesy crap. I'm finding it harder to take them seriously. The newspaper used to be the only local respite from cotton candy news. Not anymore.

While I'm at it. I prefer to read my news when on line. The trend of having videos backing up news stories from CNN, USA Today, et al is not as journalistic, if you will. I'd rather read 15 or 20 column inches than see a talking head read sparse copy while stock footage is being shown.

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TMC said...

Preach, pastor! Preach!

I hate that stupid bible-quoting rag of a right-leaning newspaper.