Friday, December 10, 2010


Too many pies; not enough fingers.

I have so many interests I cannot do them all justice. Recently added are a fascination with Nikola Tesla and Dungeons and Dragons. Add these to board games, biographies, military history, politics, music, basketball, poker, film noir, Twitter... Oh, and life.

Nice problem to have, I'll admit. Reminds me of the movie, Amadeus, when Mozart liked so many wigs in the shop that he wished he had three heads.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wonder Drug

Let's just say that there was a drug that made whoever took it feel absolutely fabulous. It would have no adverse side-effects It would be non-addictive. It might actually increase human productivity and spark creativity. It could be manufactured and used in an environmentally safe fashion. Yes. What if?

Alas, there is no such substance, although some do come close and all are illegal or at least restricted in their distribution. My wonder drug would be banished immediately.

Just musing about all this while sucking back some whiskey. Fattening whisky. Possibly addictive whiskey. Hangover inducing whiskey. Liver killing whiskey. Function impairing whiskey.

This is damn good tasting scotch and it warms the tummy and the mind, but I'd rather reach for my wonder drug and experience a perfectly safe euphoria.

Someone needs to get to work on this.