Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rock Around the Clock

Whenever possible, I listen to music.

In the car, while the house, while working on the computer, sometimes just sitting and listening. I ahve something playing almost all day long.
I now listen to music ALL NIGHT LONG. I stream Radio Paradise or Last FM through my iPod Touch and wireless network . The earbuds I use completely block out the sounds of snoring dogs, passing motorcycles, cat nookie, and other household noises. I've been sleeping very well for the last few days.

Radio Paradise does throw in a jarring tune on occasion and my sleep is mildly interrupted. Last night I tried something new. I picked up an iPod app (White Noise) that plays ambient sounds. It took a few trials before I settled on Airplane Travel. I sleep on planes mostly because of the fistful of Xanax I down before a flight. I only dropped one last night. The abundance of leg room on my virtual flight and the absence of flight attendants, or talking passengers made up for the low level dose.

8 straight hours on a flight to nowhwere in particular. Ah.
I may try Camp Fire tonight. The ocean and stream selections are good but make me want to get up and pee. I think there are 40 sound selections. I'm also working on a play list of sleepy time music. In any case, my insomnia and / or irregular sleep schedule may by finally corrected thanks to my trusty iPod Touch.

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Call Me Cate said...

I've downloaded some fantastic meditation podcasts but I need to edit them in iTunes to start and stop playing at certain intervals. See, they yammer at the beginning about "go to our website, by the cd, thanks for your support, yadda yadda". I want to start at "you are getting sleeeeeeeeepy". THEN, after you fall asleep, the same podcast brings you OUT of the sleep. Umm, what!?!? You only let me sleep for 30 seconds or so!

But yes, it is nice to block the noise sometimes. Especially when the noise is things like cat nookie. (Really? Ewwww...)