Sunday, March 9, 2008

Time Ain't on My Side

Bummer. I thought I was getting up early today. Come to find out that the time changed and I overslept by an hour.

I spent what was left of the morning finding out which clocks had complied. The radio controlled and half the computer clocks made the switch (some not set for DST), but not the GPS clock in the car (yet). Cell phone, OK. TV, OK. Everything else needs to change.

Let's see. The net effect of the government meddling with our timekeeping has added 24 hours of winter (February 29) but has relieved us of 1 hour of the season last night. That's 23 hours more of winter than I, or anyone else, deserves.

This pretty much left me in a pissy mood today. How fragile is my inner peace?

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