Sunday, March 16, 2008


...or maybe just an old grouch. Nonetheless, here's the short list:

NCAA Basketball Tournament.
If I hear the cliche, "Punched their ticket to the Big Dance." once more... No I won't - I'll be watching the NBA.

National Spelling Bee
Spelling Bees were one of the greatest rolling breaks for classroom teachers. No real teaching. No real learning. All cognition. Limited application to real world situations. Rain Man could win this.

American Idol
I'm a little late chiming in on this one. The church doors have already been rammed and the mob is pouring in. I still see too much of this show's tripe from clips and promos. I'll actually click off to a Bowflex commercial to evade American Idol's presence.

John Adams
A trailer of Paul Giamatti orating lofty words about freedom did it for me. It smelled of one of those old Jesus movies, where the guy playing Jesus speaks every word like a Grand Announcement. I prefer Mel Gibson's Anglophobic approach. John Adams in an ax fight with King George may be revisionist, but I'd be restoring my HBO sub right now if I knew it was part of the series.

That's all the smashing for today.

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