Wednesday, March 26, 2008

...but he pooped on my car.

— Jerry Lynn Moldenhauer of Colorado Springs, Colo. Offense: Knowingly selling migratory bird parts in violation of Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Sentenced Sept. 19, 1994, in Colorado to three years probation and $1,000 fine -

This guy was just pardoned by Pres. Bush. This had me literally ROFL. srsly

1. Knowingly
The Migratory Bird Treaty Act? Ignorance of the law excuses no one, but come on. How could anyone knowingly break this law? Bush had to have one of his aides look this one up. I had to look it up, and I try to stay on top of legislation concerning migratory birds.
2. parts
So is the whole bird exempt? ..and which parts in particular fetch huge prices?
3. Act
This is a friggin' Act of Congress! It's scary to think that my chicken dinner may have been realized due to illegal activity. It could be argued that the free range chickens migrated from one side of the farm to the other.

I need to be careful in my dealings with migratory birds. I may not be able to even curse at one despite any mitigating circumstances.

Here's the Act. Read it, learn it, live it.

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