Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Game of the States

"I didn't sleep at ALL last night!"

While tossin' and turnin' I often do mental exercises. Last night's theme was the States.
Game 1
Which state has the most straight line segments forming its borders? Wyoming has four. New Mexico has 6. Michigan has 1. That's the idea. I haven't pulled out the map yet to get the definitive answer.
Game 2
Hannah Montana? I can up with Ramona Arizona, Jane Maine, and Bucky Kentucky.
Game 3
A little morbid, but which state has hosted the most assassination attempts on a US president?
Most were in Washington D.C., but my game says state. By my account, California hosted 4. Wisconsin and Florida tied with 2 attempts.
Game 4
What percentage of state capitals are also that state's largest city? I got up to pee and never followed up on this one. I brewed some green tea after that and finally slumbered off at about 7:30 a.m.


noble007 said...

You might like to know that on Wednesday night at the Schneider's pub on 135 and stop 11 some friends of my run a trivia night. The winner gets 50 bucks in lotto tickets! food is pretty good too.

It's a little smoky but it's fun. I've only been once.

TM said...


Smoky - not good. Trivia - good.
If I'm ever down south that night, I'll check into it.