Sunday, March 23, 2008

West and We Waxation at Wast

So said Elmer Fudd.

Having fun will wear you out. A gut full of good food and an afternoon romping around with 3 preschoolers takes its toll on ol' Unka Tom. Toss in the burn out from a noon sugar rush and I'm spent.

Ah. The unread Sunday paper awaits me at my recliner. I'll be sound asleep in 15 minutes.

....yep. As predicted. The dogs rousted me from my chair and led me to bed, where the pack curled up for some sweet dreams. I'm back up to turn off the computer, grab a late snack, and turn in for the night.


noble007 said...

Sorry I missed you yesteray. Your dice roller is at dad's house.

TM said...

Thanks, Pat.

How about some game time? Patti and I played Zombies on Friday and thought it was a hoot.

I need BattleLore opponents and want to try your collectable pirate game. Give me a call.