Friday, March 28, 2008

Hard Pressed

I planned to balance yesterday's list of annoying celebrity personalities with a list of good guys and post it today. Not as easy at it looks. There is sense of responsibility involved here. If you are on my good list, you have to earn it - over time. I have a responsibility too - because if you are put on my list and fall from grace, it reflects poorly on me too. It's embarrassing.

On the other hand, making the "bad" list is easy. One screw up, too much exposure, or inclusion on good lists of people who are on my bad list, will seal your fate. It's hard to get off the list too.

It took me a long time to get 20 names. Here are the media personalities that are rather enjoyable to me:

1. George Clooney
2. Kari Byron
3. Gilbert Gottfried
4. Lewis Black
5. Glen Beck
6. Chistiana Amanpour
7. Miquel Cotto
8. Anthony Bourdain
9. Charles Barkley
10. Stephen A. Smith
11. Tony Kornheiser
12. Peton Manning
13. Reggie Miller
14. Michio Kaku
15. Heidi Klum
16. Hugo Chavez
17. Katey Segal
18. Kathy Bates
19. Tina Fey
20. Penn Jillette

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