Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blown Up, Sir.

Like so many Sgt. Hulkas, we see cars, buildings, and other fixtures being blown up at an alarming rate by shows on the Discovery Channel and its cousins. The worst is the rip off of MythBusters called "Smash Lab."

MythBusters does not always deal in explosions and the 5 hosts all have interesting on-air personalities. The cute and bubbly Kari can hold her own with power tools. Grant is is an engineering genius. Tori is an expert modeler and of course Adam and Jamie are passionate about "getting it right". Sometimes explosions are involved. Sometimes not. The show is entertaining and a little light science is involved. At any rate the experiments have a point.

Not so for Smash Lab. All they do is wreck stuff. I don't think they even build their own experiments and I doubt that they think up the stunts themselves. Their job is to watch the explosion and add insights such as:

Did you see that?
Woo Hoo

Smash Lab discovered that detonating a few tons of TNT inside a pickup truck will ruin the cargo bed

Science, my ass.

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