Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Tonight's the night. I went deep into the freezer and pantry to extract tonight's meal. Many of these items have survived for months. Some merely forgotten. Some avoided. This evening they will be eaten.

Freschetta Brick Oven Spinach Pizza
Its sister pizza was eaten around Halloween. Yuk! Oh, so healthy. Oh, so uninspiring. The spinach turns into a mushy chlorophyll paste after baking. There isn't enough cheese on this low cal frozen delight. Lactose intolerants can safely partake. I was going to jettison it to the trash, but Patti pleaded for its life. "Don't throw it away. I'll eat it." She does not suspect that this is on the menu and she has to make good on her promise.

Ham Steaks
These were sent over by my brother-in-law. There's nothing wrong with them, but they may be freezer burned. They were hidden in their white wrapping paper inside our white freezer compartment. The thin package settled on the back wall. Besides that, I don't usually reach for ham as an dinner entry. Ham happens as, well, a ham. The leftovers go into sandwiches and omelets. I suspect our ham supply will soon be replenished anyway.

Canned Pears
Bland. Colorless. It wouldn't be the highlight of a hospital meal. They have to go.

KFC Biscuits
Patti rescued them from dumpster death. They are tonight's bread.

Sardines from 1989
I love sardines, but never got around to this can. Every time I get the urge for sardines (packed in olive oil), saltines and beer I look at the date on this can and then shy away. Same thing today. They may be a bit past prime. I won't throw them out because the can is approaching the status of a family heirloom. Tough call.

Wax Beans
It's a color issue. Simple as that. Maybe I'll dye them green.


Sarah said...

You're so wrong abou that spinach pizza. Just be sure to get it nice and crispy, and cut it into strips. Then, dunk into tomato sauce like breadsticks.

TM said...

Take note: It wasn't THAT bad. I think the problem might be that the pizzas had frost on them. I knocked off as many of the crystals as I could, but the spinich (despite the crispy cooking method) still was mushy as if boiled. The ham was good. The pears unthreatening, but a good complement.