Monday, March 31, 2008

Another Late Night Gem


The commercials depict apparently sexually attractive couples talking about how the partial protection from gentile herpes provided by Valtrex has improved their life.

The scenario has one partner free from the disease, the other is infected. The infected partner speaks in haughty tones, portraying himself as the crown prince of responsibility. So how did these two hook up? - and how did they become a couple? Did Herpes Boy mention his affliction before jumping her non-infected bones? Based solely on his reassuring soliloquy, it's hinted that he did at least indicate beforehand that he somehow got nasty sores on his pecker. Did he mention that Valtrex does not offer total protection? OK, I will give him the benefit of the doubt. He fully disclosed everything and read the FDA required literature to her.

Given all this information, the other partner gives him orders to proceed with the seduction. She falls for the tried and true pick up line. "Sure I have genitle Herpes, but I'm taking this Valtrex, so... Whad'ya say?"


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