Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lighten Up, Francis

You knew the jokes about Pope Benedict saying Mass in Yankee Stadium had to pop up. Sure enough. Jon Stewart had a picture of Manny Ramirez coming at the Pope with high spikes. Best of all, though, was Billy Crystal's remark that Yankee Stadium was sold out for the Mass. He added. "it must have been bobble head day".

Some, however, were probably "deeply offended" by these jokes. Beats the hell out of me as to why.

Which brings up the question. Did Jesus ever smile? Did he ever laugh? If so, what were his favorite jokes? He had to have laughed on occasion. Maybe he opened up the sermon on the mount with a humorous anecdote? The bible isn't that clear on the matter. (as far as I know)

This leads me to believe that Pope Benedict, while dead-ass serious about his message to Americans, probably enjoys a little humor now and then.

I hope so.

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