Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Late Night Sniping.

Vince on the ShamWow! commercial has a seriously jacked-up right eye. Of course, I laugh at him (He chose to be on TV) . It looks like he was looking through a keyhole and something startled him and subsequentually locked his face in its current configuration. The headset only adds to the comedy. ShamWow looks like it's just a small and cheap chamois. SHAM wow. is right.

Then there's Robert Wagner and his "Reverse Mortgage". I've got a hair up my ass over the ad anyway because they think that senior citizens are stupid enough to trust Wagner with their finances because he is, 1. old, 2. has acting credentials, and 3. is standing by a vintage automobile. A reverse mortgage cannot be good. Giving away your house is never a good idea. Want a reverse mortgage? Turn around."

BowFlex scares me. I can see the apparatus malfunctioning and flinging the user through the ceiling. In just 60 days .... It will be packed in the garage.

That crazylikeafox puppet fox frosts my ass too. He's loud and obnoxious. His computer still has a CRT. A woman made $5000 yesterday from his scheme and hinted that she used it on a down payment for a time share. The corpulent Brother made $1,000,000. Of course, little or no work was involved. I know what that fox is stuffed with.

OK - here's eye boy, Vince.


Sarah said...

Don't forget the Gold Kit, which allows you get rid of that pesky gold you have lying about the house. Mail it in and it turns into CASH!

happyvet said...

vince a decent guy and a wounded vet. he was wounded and has facial nerve damage and missing lower left leg. he wears the head set/mic to balance his face because he is subconscious about his looks. way to go.