Monday, April 14, 2008

The cost of "stuff"

I had to get behind the big TV and stereo today. While I was at it, I deep cleaned the bookcases (including tops), and other peripherals such as speakers. Damn! I couldn't believe the dust I pulled out of there.

This stimulated a chain of thought that grounded itself on the notion that there is a cost for just having physical goods. For starters, just figure out the cubic feet in your house and math it up with the cost of your house per year. Then add in the maintenance cost just to keep the stuff from deteriorating or keeping it looking nice. Having to move it or step over it to get to something else makes it an even more voracious consumer of time / money.

I take a hedonistic approach toward objects. In terms of storage and maintenance costs, it better be bringing me more joy than travail or it's out the door.

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