Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Chicken Gizzards

Why does almost everyone give me a repulsed look when I mention that chicken gizzards are one of my favorite foods? If you cook them correctly (deep fried) and eat them right away they are very tender. The taste is very chickeny and does not have that organ meat bitterness. I decribe it as ultra dark meat. The texture is a little chewy like crawdads.

My late father and a few black folks are about the only ones that have ever joined me in an enthusiastic discussion about this Southern delicacy. Even my daughter, who has been getting flak because she eats hummus and other foods that aren't "Seen On TV", won't eat gizzards. Imagine that.

The wing is my favorite piece of chicken and always has been. Before Buffalo wings came around, you could get them for near the price of dog food. Gizzards and hearts are still dirt cheap. I don't want to get everyone eating them and subsequently drive the price up to that of truffles - but don't give me that look like I just ate hyena balls on Fear Factor when I talk about gizzards.

Thank You.


Sarah said...

I like chicken livers! They're good as a pate on crackers or fried in butter.

Kier Alexander Mustoe said...

I've never heard of these before, i'll keep an eye out mind you!