Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jesus vs. The Martians

It was a great night of television with Voom-Monsters HD channel on The Dish Network showing "Earth vs. the Flying Saucers" followed by "War of The Worlds" (1953).

Jesus goes head-up with the Martians in this scene from "War of the Worlds":
Uncle Matthew, pastor of the "Community Church" decides that perhaps, just perhaps, he can reach out to the alien invaders, who have already disintegrated the local police force and a few local citizens. He presses forward with The Good Book and cross in hand, quoting random bible passages. About three lines into the 23rd psalm he's returned to dust.

This was a disturbing scene to me when I saw the film as a child. My rationale at the time was that since Uncle Matthew wasn't a Catholic priest, he was powerless. I got over it. I feel for the protestant kids. They're probably agnostics to this very day.

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