Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Barbershop Blues

I need a haircut!
My barber, Bob, has his sign inexplicably flipped over to display the CLOSED side. It has been this way for a week Maybe he's on vacation? I hope he isn't closing for good.

Bob's shop gives haircuts to men. Bob does not run a salon or deal with family haircuts. You come in, see whose waiting ahead of you to note where you are in the queu, grab a copy of Motor Trend, and sit down in one of eight leatherette customer chairs. Bob has a cardboard display with 7 of the 16 Ace combs still available for sale. Bob sells hair tonic. Bob charges $8 for a haircut and shaves behind your ears and neck with a straight razor. Bob has a razor strap. Bob is all about basic.

If Bob isn't open today, I'll have to find the nearest Bill's , Joe's, or Mike's. I wouldn't be caught dead in a SuperCuts or Fantastic Sams.

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