Monday, June 25, 2007

What Has Four Wheels and Flys?

Tuesday morning is trash pick up in my neighborhood. This has a significant impact on today's activities. There are certain things you want to go directly to the curb rather than sit in the garage's holding area for a number of days in the summer heat.
  • Melon eating is restricted to Mondays, particularly cantalope. Fresh chicken is also best served Sunday or Monday.
  • Dog poop in the backyard must be scooped and bagged.

  • A weekly search for aging foodstuff hiding in the fridge is in order.
  • Big bulky items must leave the staging area for the curb.
  • Trash cans around the house are emptied
The trash service limits taking away broken lawn furniture, old mechanical parts, and large chunks of scrap to once a month. No problem. Scavengers roam the streets. They will glady claim anything and all is picked clean well before dawn. Last week a lucky Curb Mart shopper snatched up a rusted-through charcoal grill and a mauled bicycle.

I look forward to Tuesday mornings. It's the least cluttered time of the week.

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