Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vote for Sale

Billions of dollars are tossed into election campaigns. I seems to be to a literal waste of money for the losing candidates and a bad value for the winners. I have yet to be swayed by a TV spot. Mailing me a piece of paper won't change my mind. My neighbors' yard signs serve no more purpose than to reinforce the fact that they are either blockheads or reasonable people (like me).

I did a search on "cost per vote" and in some cases, candidates spent nearly $200 to secure each vote. You're way ahead of me. I could use two-hundred extra bucks deposited directly into my wallet, how 'bout you?

No moral dilemma either. All candidates pay us. It is only stipulated that we vote for somebody. No TV ads, no litter, no unsightly lawn signs, maybe even less money spent on campaigns. Winners all-round. Pragmatism at its best.

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