Sunday, November 21, 2010

She Bends Time

That would be my dear mother-in-law. Case in point. Thanksgiving is today. Yes, Sunday November 21, 2010 will be just like your Thanksgiving, except on a different day. We have celebrated Christmas with the in-laws as late as January 2nd. Birthdays usually fall on the best available day within a reasonable time after the fact. According to the MIL's calendar, I changed astrological signs last year.

The poor woman is so nice and so accommodating. She wants to make sure all friends and family can gather as often as possible for these bashes. Finding a date that suits the schedules of many is difficult. Thanksgiving had never been moved before, but she has knee surgery lined up for Wednesday. OK, so there it is. I'm fine with breaking free of the arbitrary holidays set up by churches and governments.

From a cosmologists point of view, our local anniversaries only coincide with an approximation of where the Sun is in relation to the Earth.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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