Saturday, November 20, 2010

One-Armed Juggler

Halftime at the Indian Pacers usually features a performer of some sort. On Thursday night, it was a one-armed juggler. Really. I apologise for even thinking about the possible wisecracks that I could have made and those that I couldn't resist letting out. The fellow was pretty good considering that I often can't hold an object in both hands without dropping it.

I've seen many unusual acts during these half times. They had some acrobat spinning wildly by her teeth last week. I feared that she was going to let go and wind up in the cheap seats. Frisbee catching dogs are fun to watch. My dogs can't catch and tend to run off with whatever is thrown toward them. The worst act of all time was by the Cowboy Monkeys. Some cruel person had bolted or tied monkeys on the backs of dogs. A self parody of a Hollywood Texan did lasso tricks and told kids not to do drugs.I imagines that the monkeys and dogs were caged and neglected after the humiliation of the show had ended.

Regardless, very few folks pay attention to the performances. The crowds are somewhat sparse these days. Take away those out relieving themselves or buying over-priced snacks and the audience is basically those would rather talk among themselves than be entertained.

This is the bottom rung on the show biz ladder that performs at the games. I'm saddened. These hard working people can't be scraping out much of a living as an unappreciative audience looks on.

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