Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Motivation to Clean House

Just misplace something.
-like a wallet.

As the search widens and deepens, more and more out-of-place objects turn up. What is my Norelco shaver doing in my sweatshirt drawer? We haven't had that TV for years, so why is the remote still being kept? Hey! There's a doggie chew toy under this cushion. What the HELL is this thing? A screwdriver is found behind the toaster oven. Well, whadya know. Here's that utility bill we never got in the mail last year.

Add in all the unfinished projects sitting about and I realize that despite taking pride in being organized, all is not in its proper place. Wallet is found in my change box. For some reason the tip off the modeling glue that since dried up is also in there.

One day, I'm going to go through all my stuff, piece by piece. Every paper clip, pencil, dog toy, coupon, key fob, Q-Tip, cheap calculator and USB cable will a have a place. One day.

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