Thursday, January 1, 2009

Back to Our Regular Programming

Don't get me wrong. Holidays are nice. The stretch between Christmas and New Year's Day provides at least a week of nice.

Now it's time to move on. Time to get back to the daily routine. Time to put the house back into a functional state. Time to put away the Christmas tree and the ancillary holiday decorations. Time to digest gifts into their rightful place. Time to get out and shop for needful things. Time to fill my schedule with productive activities.

No more Christmas songs for another year. No more kisses beginning with Kay. No more Trans Siberian Orchestra. The constant parade of turkey, ham and pastries peters out. The Salvation Army bell ringers leave their posts. It's over, because it's over.

I like January. I'm retired, but everyone else has to get back to work making me happy. Television networks air new episodes again. Businesses are running at full speed again. People are refreshed and give their best effort for the next few weeks. No annoying holidays like Valentine's Day occur this month. Sure, it's cold, but these are good days to stay at home. Most seem to be partied out. Cabin fever doesn't set in until after the Super Bowl.

Some folks just won't let go. Their outdoor decorations stay up for weeks on end. Santa Claus still comes on my TV and makes his own Capital One credit card. The lines at the Wal-Mart return desk remain long. The holiday kiosks and failed businesses hang on for one last month in order to move their remaining inventory. These vestiges can be easily ignored and we can go happily about the business of life without the support of holiday cheer.

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