Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Enough with Jihads, already!

I see that bin Laden called for still another Jihad on Israel. I think he's gone to the well way too many times. Yes bin Laden, by all accounts, is a very, very, very bad man, and in his mind's eye isn't screwing around. If not him, we still have to be wary of the the multiple thousands who buy into his program. But, c'mon! How many Jihads are active right now? The man has lost all sense of the dynamics it takes to be an international menace. I'm assuming Jihads are equivalent to Defcon 1. If we were on Defcon 1 or red alert every time someone vaguely insulted our country, folks would stop paying attention. If we were on multiple Defcon 1s, wouldn't that be exponentially redundant?

This has to be annoying to his devout followers. No specific instructions or any semblance of a PLAN has been forwarded. Just the cry of, "Jihad!" What's an al Qeada member to do if he / she is stuck in a backwater town miles from Israel? I guess symbolically launching an RPG, firing his AK-47 into the air, or talking the neighborhood kids into blowing themselves up can be done to show support, but that's the extent of it. I doubt if the hatred of Zionists by these guys is any greater than before this estimated 763rd Jihad was declared. The part -time terrorist has to be saying, "Another Jihad? I was there for the last 16. I'm tired, get someone else this time. " The casual jihadi by now may have sold his weapons for something useful like maybe - food?

This looks to be a desperate plea for attention for Osama bin Laden. He watches CNN from his hideout and sees that yesterday's news, Sarah Palin, gets more press than he does. That has to be eating at him. Someone needs to whack this guy so he can get the ultimate headline he so richly deserves.

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