Friday, January 2, 2009

Vince Revisited.

I kind of like the ShamWow guy, now. In fact, I'm a fan. The commercial seems to gaining recognition and is destined to be an essential element of today's pop culture. I watch it every time it comes on. I feel bad that I ripped on poor Vince earlier. Sure the product is nothing but the chamois that has been around for years, but Vince does a great job providing the proper exploitation. He talks 90 miles a minute without pause or mistake.
Vince has given us a few quotable lines:

"You followin' me, Camera Guy?"

"I don't know? It sells itself"

"You know Germans always make good stuff."

If you don't know who Vince is, then you need to watch much more television! Say you're at a fancy dinner party or the inaugural ball. Vince is likely to come up in the conversation. You don't want to be caught off guard and let your ignorance seep into the room.

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