Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wimps and Idiots

Sure it's cold outside. Damn cold.

There was some well dressed yutz on the local news who let the cute reporter and all of central Indiana know that the wind was stinging his face and causing it to hurt. (It's killing me.) This was apparently an object lesson for to those who would venture out in such a hostile environment.

1. I've read a number of accounts of WWII on the Eastern Front. I know from this, that the business-type guy being interviewed has no complaints about his rosy cheeks. Maybe a few weeks camped out on the steppe under these conditions would toughen him up.

2. Common sense says that if it's cold, one needs to wear warm clothes and perhaps spare yourself from being chilled by staying indoors. My "meteorologist" spent 5 minutes passing on this advice.

What a softball story. A piece on those who had to be outside working, or a report on those without shelter would have been better. The average viewer, I guess, doesn't want to see that. The weather bunny describing the agony of uncomfortable pedestrians is about all the human tragedy that the 6 o'clock viewers can handle.

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