Sunday, January 4, 2009

No Movies for Old Men

Patti went to a movie last night with her girlfriends. It was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It looked sappy and besides the Colts were on, and I stayed home to watch the game. (ugh) The last movie I saw in a theatre was The Simpsons Movie, In this case, the couples split up with the ladies going to Hairspray.

I have enjoyed few recent films at home like No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood. I thought Juno, American Gangster, and Talk To Me were worth watching.

Even so, keeping HBO and Showtime alive with no Weeds episodes or good fights in the near future could not be justified. The question remains: When will I go to a theatre again?

I'd go out to see movies if there were private screenings. I am easily tweaked by talkers, loud popcorn chewers, big headed,tall people who sit up straight in their seats, and seat kickers. This can be avoided by a weekday matinee, but going alone may give people the impression that I may masturbate during the film. Patti is usually at work.

Patti and I have trouble finding a movie we can both enjoy enough to pay full price for. The Movies 8 theatre is getting run down and I don't think they have cleaned the seats for 9 years - so that's out.

I don't care for comic book movies and Pixar stuff as a rule. I had a notion to see a 3D IMax feature, but the mummy film (sans mummies) supposedly sucked. Jim Carrey films are out as are other comedies that will be on DVD within days of their release. The rest seem to be directed toward the taste of ladies. I hear tales of some one's mate going to these types of films and liking them thus I should like them too, but I won't fall for that bullshit anymore. Patti can go with her friends . To be fair, I don't force her to see a movie that I might like. There are two possibilities coming soon and I'm sure she would only go if I included a big dinner and a $19 drink at the theatre. I'd also owe her a trip to see a girly movie in the future.

I want to see:

I don't see Patti liking either one. Will I visit the movie theatre in January? I'll probably go for 4 hours of Che as it is unlikely to be shown regularly on TV.

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