Sunday, July 6, 2008

What else could I ask for?

Another great Independence Day holiday weekend. It included a winning day at the casino's poker tables, two great games of BattleLore with Pat(rick), a nice visit to the in-laws and a fun Friday night with friends. I am still mildly disappointed.

Damn! No coneys from Skyline Chili. The Argosy Casino is near the home of Skyline's Cincinnati home. We passed two of their stores on the way. I had my heart set on grabbing three or four of these tasty little dogs tonight, but was told that the local restaurant had gone out, No! Maybe it's just a rumor. Anyway the road to it is so torn up and the traffic is so nasty, it isn't worth the trip on a Sunday night with a full tummy to investigate.

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Sarah said...

I think my neighborhood Skyline is still in business, although I think of my beloved 5-way as a winter food.