Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Grvmpvs Maximvs

I've been leading a charmed life for at least the last few weeks. Today is no different. Outside of a few small issues that were disposed of in short order - a perfect day.

Maybe because I have things under control, I'm starting disdain those who don't. For whatever reason, I'm in no mood for whatever I come across. I've been grumpy all day.

Someone up the road has been trying to sell a motorcycle for the past week. At first the cycle was sitting be the road with a cardboard sign that said $8000. I thought that the bike would be stolen and certainly nobody is going to respond to the crude and uninformative sign. OK. So then for the next few days, the sign was there, but no bike. See? I told you so ! Stolen. Today the motorcycle is back and the sign says $8000. Same message - only retraced with a marker to make the same message darker. This set me off. What an idiot! Is darkening up the lettering going to really help? Same price, same bike, same shitty sign.

Sam's Club. They had Microsoft Office 2007 on sale for $98. I had to take the box up to the customer service counter to get the actual product. At the entrance to the line a sign proclaimed. Exchange's, Return's, Refund's, Memberships's - "The line starts here!!!! If there's anything that brings out the grammar gestapo in me it is multiple exclamation points. This was icing on the cake after suffering through the misused apostrophes in pluralized words.

Office Depot's coupons are worthless. The qualifying products amount pretty much to a case of their brand of copy paper.

The car wash line was too long. Two cars would have been ahead of me. I planned on driving right through. This is why I went on a Wednesday afternoon at 2:00 with a chance of rain in the forecast. Two cars! I passed. I cringed thinking about the attendant asking me if I wanted to upgrade my coupon.

We went out for Chinese food at our favorite small and quiet place. I found annoyances everywhere. From the lady at the other table trying to figure out what condiments she wanted, to a carry-out customer asking the proprietor if he was Chinese. I was in a let's-eat-up-and-go-home frame of mind.

I feel your pain, Oscar.

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Tidrow/Stone Family said...

poor poor grumpy uncle Tom.