Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dog Fight

My doggies let loose with a week's worth of frustration with an extended battle. On Thursday the dogs went to visit Charlotte's while our house was being sprayed for ants. Then they were home alone most of Friday and Saturday. Then Wendy The Gigantic Dog paid a visit last night. Wendy just has to walk around and our little 17-pounders are frozen with fear. That must have sealed the deal. After Wendy went home the conversation must have been something like this:

Bosco: I should have bit her. She was sniffing my toys and got some of our treats.
Smooch: Well, why didn't you, tough guy?
Bosco: I dunno. It didn't occur to me at the time.
Smooch: Wimp. At least I barked at her any told her to watch her ass.
Bosco: Like that really scared her.
Smooch: You just jumped on Uncle Tom's lap and cowered. At least I tried.
Bosco: No way. I was just waiting for an opening.
Smooch: Fraidy cat.
Bosco: I'll give you fraidy cat ...

The fight wasn't particular vicious. It didn't start until 2:00 a.m. but the running battle lasted nearly 45 minutes. The combat was paw-to-paw, and muzzle-to-muzzle until Bosco nipped Smooch and a long wild chase ensued. Bosco routed her until he missed on a flying butt-first leap at Smoochie. Then Smooch became the hunter. She caught up with him and gave BB's neck a good chewing. The stronger Bosco worked loose and forced her to retreat under the skirted ottoman. Bosco took a tall drink of water and went to bed. Smooch came out after a few minutes, and finished off the rest of the water and all the kibble.

They both slept in until noon.

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