Friday, July 18, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

The Pirates and the Cardinals were locked up in a classic. I estimated the final score to be 29-29. No runners were left on base and everyone went 3 for 3. The players left it all on the field and were spent.

It was, as you may suspect, a Tee-ball game for preschoolers. My twin nieces play for the Pirates and we were invited down to see them in action. They didn't disappoint. They both made contact off pitched balls and didn't always require the tee. They pounced on a couple of batted balls in the field and got off strong throws to first. They were demons on the base paths. I'm told they're improving with each game. They really like their new mitts - so much that they have to be reminded to take them off when batting. Other than leaving the field while on defense to have a word with Mom, they have a pretty good grasp of the sport.

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