Monday, July 30, 2007

Just One Word

I say this word way too much.

I was once told that if I made an ugly face, it would stick that way forever. The curse must also apply to purposely contorting one's diction to include fad phrases or what, at the time, seems to be a cool word to say. When we got Bosco and Smooch, we loaded up on Tibetan Spaniel books and general guides about dogs. It seems that every paragraph in the books had require in it. (i.e Your Tibetan Spaniel may require a daily walk. This breed requires one cup of food per day.) I started going around saying things like "I require a glass of water."; My car may require gasoline. and "No, I do not require a second helping."

This has happened to me before. I once talked like Snagglepuss for at least 6 months. I must have said "far out" a few thousand times in the 60s. Then there's the faux, er, falsos, Spanish habit where one sticks on an "o" after every word. I had that.

Require is going on 3 years as a staple of my spoken language. I think part of my aging brain has set like concrete and require has been locked into that region. So it is.

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