Thursday, July 19, 2007

Nashville: Part Three (Double Ought Chance of Rain)

Later on Saturday:
Nashville Superspeedway

As mentioned yesterday, we are just a bit late and Jack has to settle for a semi-shitty parking spot in the handicapped lot. We have ample provisions and are also well outfitted for viewing the race. Everyone grabs all they can and we make the trek across the hot, hot, hot fan area outside the entrance to the grandstand and up multiple flights of stairs to our seats.

The shade on this sunny day is over us early in the Indy Pro race. After the JV is done racing, we enjoy the wait for the main event. Beautiful day. As race time nears, we endure multiple displays of demonstrative patriotism and the introduction of what seems to be the entire work force of Bridgestone / Firestone. Then it happens.

"See that cloud over yonder?", remarks one of the local fans. "That's rain comin' down from it." Sure enough. Menancing rain clouds are converging on the track. Our Southern-talking friend then adds a bit of scientific background: " It's comin' from the skah."

The skah opens up with a heavy downpour, dousing everything. The idiot P.A. announcer proclaims, "We're just moments away from racing!" (We decided that the announcer 's job has been outsourced and he's somewhere in India.). We seek refuge under the stands. Big mistake. Soon the water pours in on us through the cracks of the bleacher style seats.

We go home soaking wet and grumpy after another shower rolls in on a day that Nashville's Channel Five predicted a ZERO chance of rain.


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