Thursday, July 5, 2007

Holiday Report

It won't be the most memorable of Independence Days , but simple as it was, it will stand as one of the best.

We didn't go anywhere or had anyone over to visit. This is in contrast to the many years when we are out of town for the holiday.

Patti (Mrs. Sparkle) spent the afternoon making cotton nightgowns for our twin nieces. I was able to get outside and knock off a few small jobs that included mowing a big patch of grass that I missed the day before. Bumping off 8 or 9 nickel and dime chores is very satisfying to me. We got the grill out for $1.99 / pound boneless chicken breasts I thawed. The meal was enhanced when our neighbors (Hailing from Louisiana) gave us a big bag of southern style ribs.

Baseball on TV was only a mild bust, with the HD game being from the American League. At least the Yankees and / or Red Sox weren't on. Bosco and Smooch (resident critters) amused themselves for a couple hours by watching the neighbors behind us play beanbag.

Evening came and all those buy 1 get 5 free fireworks were set off around the area. Bosco and Smooch were pissed off at first and exhibited growling and barking, then turned on each other for a good chase and fight. Someone got nipped, yelped, and the combined 35 pounds worth of flying fur and fury was over. After that, they watched the fireworks for a few minutes before turning in for the night. Patti's sewing turned out very well and she treated herself to reading the entire newspaper while waiting for the east side to run out of ordinanace.

I had to fast for a routine blood test today, so the big early dinner served me well. Late last night, I knoocked off a few DVR shows I saved up and caught part of the TV marathons going on. A tall glass of ice water was refreshment enough.

It's good to be an American.

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MyMaracas said...

Hello. I just bumbled in from the "Recently Updated" feature on Blogger. I'm a sucker for a great title, and "Mister Sparkle's Land of Enchantment" was just plain irresistible.

I really like the way you write, Mr. Sparkle. I'm favorite-placing your site for future visits.