Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thousand Dollar Car

The Bottle Rockets tune, Thousand Dollar Car, came to mind today after I unpacked a 12 dollar candle that I purchased today at Brown County gift shop.

It's supposed to be sandalwood scented and has a bumpy look as if it had cake icing on it. Great price for a big candle. What the hell. I bought it.

Got it home and it smells like - nothing. Neutral. Not while at rest, not while burning. In better light, it looks like a congealed ball of vomit. The flame (even after a wick trimming) shoots up a good four inches and resembles an acetylene torch. It smokes like a film noir character.
I pissed away 12 bucks in a tough economy and I'm red faced.

Link to the song:
Thousand Dollar Car

Right side - Song 5.

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