Friday, October 31, 2008

The Skeleton Didn't Cross the Road Because He Didn't Have The Guts.

Friday night, perfect Autumn weather, and it is Halloween. We expect a heavy turnout this evening. This has to be a boost to the economy. The candy aisle at Meijer was packed this afternoon. Folks were grabbing treats even before they were put on the shelf. I wonder if I could get tax relief for the charitable contributions I'll be making this evening?

The dogs are ready, This is their favorite night of the year. They go nuts each time someone comes to the door. Some of the tots are startled by our little critters, but the kids who live near us all say hello to Bosco and Smooch. The doggies wear bandannas. They're dressing up as "reptiles" again. The pattern on the bandanna cloth is of green scales. Scary stuff. The F.B. I. (Bosco and Smooch - Food and Beverage Inspectors) get a treat each time they stand down while the candy is handed out. Visiting dogs also get treats.

I actually like this silly event. I used to hate it when I taught. The kids were geeked up on October 31st and in a stupor for days after the sugar crash.

Sorry about the scary picture. It's just for fun.

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