Tuesday, October 21, 2008

...and yet you insist on bottled water.

WARNING: The following entry has explicit, repulsive, and gag-a-maggot language. This is necessary to make my point here. If you read on, remember. I did warn you.

Hot tubs are disgusting. I won't go in one, any more than I would share a tooth brush with a trench mouth victim.

Every time they advertise these abominations, there's a fellow with 6 naked ladies sitting around drinking cocktails. I have no objection to 6 naked ladies, nor, off hand, the concept of sharing. But the reality of the situation paints a different picture: Orifices. Biology. Bodily Fluids.

Does everyone wipe well enough to suit me? I'd insist on everyone hitting a high-velocity bidet loaded with rubbing alcohol before entering. There also has to be a few pubes floating around. You know that drop or two of pee that you just can't shake off? It's in the soup. Foot fungus is a distinct possibility. Stick deodorant fragments dissolving and releasing underarm bacteria into the water has to be common. Smegma? You betcha. Dried up spooge. Ball vinegar. Lord knows what's oozing from some of the vaginas and pecker holes. Pustules, dead skin, perspiration, must I go on?

I might mention to all those wanting a hot tub - six naked ladies are NOT going to be joining you; let alone six disease-free volunteers.

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