Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am not prog rammed for humor

I got my first political call this week from the RNC. Without so much as a "hello", the diatribe commenced. Obama this, Obama that. It was same old lies, innuendos, and half truths that have been dispersed by the right-wing, baby-baby-amen-amen, nut job branch of the once Grand Old Party.

This went of for a minute or so before I interjected, "Are you a robot?"

"No", came the answer.

Said I, " Thanks for the call, but I have to tell you that the negative campaigning and that poor excuse for a running mate, Palin, has blown any chance at all that an independent voter like myself would even consider McCain."

I continued, "Please pass this on to someone in your organization." The lady seemed a bit taken aback. I'm sure it wasn't because I'm voting Obama, but because I asked if she was a robot.


gwenmand said...

That might have been it, but given how top-down these operations are, I have a feeling that the thought of passing information on to someone in the organization might have been daunting. :)

Tidrow Family 2.0 said...

This is the first time I've ever voted. I cannot believe that people are actually voting for McCain. I just don't understand it. I want to know why they would but nothing anyone tells me makes any logical sense. It's as if there is this whole other world that sees McCain/Palin as wonderful for reasons that simply beyond my understanding. BTW I'm voting Obama.