Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's true.

John McCain served time in a prison.

More legless statements than this have been suggested by the RNC and their robo candidates about Obama. OK, fine, dirty politics have been with us since ancient times. I'm more troubled that so many folks seem to believe such statements. I've been all over their ignorant asses for many months on this blog for non-political misdeeds.

These kind of folks latch onto buzz words and catchy mantras like tapeworms on an intestinal wall. Many can't grasp the logic as to why the unfair comment is a zinger. Obama is a terrorist. Good enough for me. He's going to take your money and give it to all the Negroes. Just as I figgered.

For the most part, these people are harmless. They buy ShamWows. The believe that Sasquatch is real. They spend money to text in a vote for reality show contestants. They boast that they will make 250K per year despite the lack of a plumbing licence.

These people have intertwined ignorance and fear. They are the consummate sycophants. They are the masses that chant in support of their repressive dictators. Exploiting these poor souls for the benefit of winning a presidential election is shameful.

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