Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Dog Thing

Wendy the Dog arrived for a sleepover with Bosco and Smooch. I was sure the circumstances would be fodder for a long and entertaining blog entry. What a let down.

Shortly after Brenden and Sarah left Wendy behind, it was as if Wendy had lived here for months. She paced around at first and barked when she thought she heard a car coming to pick her up. That was about the extent of the fuss. My doggies went about their normal business with Wendy stepping right in.

Dog protocol was used to work through a few issues without human intervention.

It doesn't matter anymore that the Golden Retriever, Wendy outweighs each of our Tibetan Spaniels fourfold. Smooch let it quickly be known that this was her house. She flopped down on Wendy's bed and hogged it up for a good hour or two before allowing Wendy to claim it for the night.

Bosco was guarding me and growled when Wendy got too close. But later, Wendy and Bosco played chase and the incident was forgotten. Smooch ate Wendy's food. Wendy ate Smooch's food. Wendy helped herself to Bosco's toys with Bosco's blessing. They had a real mi casa es su casa arrangement going. Treats all around with no stealing. No malicious peeing from Bosco. No power barking from Smooch. Wendy was the perfect house guest.

Good dogs, all.

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