Monday, August 18, 2008

GenCon 2008

It's over - four days of walking, parking garages , eating overpriced junk food, and being detached from the real world. It was almost like one of my Vegas poker trips. I awaken the day after and find a pile of unread newspapers , a full inbox, uncut grass, and a refer devoid of everything except condiments and a small ball of wilting lettuce. It will take me all day to right the ship and maybe a day or two before I can enjoy the spoils of my Gen Con quest.

So here's the recap:

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Blasphemy, The Race for the Cross!. This is a game that you had to see to believe. Don't just glance at the web site, as the theme is not sacrilegious, nor is it a fundamental Ned Flanders presentation. I didn't plunk down the $90 for it despite the highest quality components primarily because my credit card had yet to cool off from earlier purchases.

Another item of interest was a $10,000 gaming table. See for yourself. It looks like something Goldfinger might own.

The place was packed. I think there were more people there than last year. The free stuff was in shorter supply (I'm told it's called swag.) and the celebs were of little interest to me. Compare The Mythbusters from an earlier Gen Con to this year's "Bud" from the old Married with Children show. The hot female models were in shorter supply too. Maybe the number of salivating Geeks became a problem or perhaps the slow economy had something to do with it. The celebs I could do with out, but a few more well constructed ladies in skimpy outfits would be appreciated.

New additions to our game library:

Moto Grand Prix
Conflict of Heroes

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Tidrow/Stone Family said...

I found this site and thought you might like them!

Also this company had a great game called Vineta. Sold out first day!