Sunday, August 10, 2008

Things To Do: Make a To Do List

I consider my personal organization effort to be stellar. Yet my productivity does not always measure up for one whose affairs in such fine order. This was eludicated today to the point of becoming a tweak to my lifestyle.

The list said: Change light bulb in bathroom ceiling light. It said it yesterday and the day before that. Today, I go to change the bulb. Snapping open the cover, and tapping the bulb reveals that it is just loose and not burned out. I rinse out the dusty cover and snap it back in to place. This took all of 15-20 seconds. This is about the time taken to list the task for three days running. Add in the time spent futilely flicking the switch and the annoyance of peeing in low light, and I come out behind on the deal.

Next time, I fix it right away. Lists will no longer include things that can be done immediately.

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